About Hamona coconut

Taste the mother nature's gift. Experience the ultimate taste feast. 


A story of Coconut

Hamona re-invented a new type of original and fresh coconut which might not look like any normal coconut you see out there. The hand-picked coconuts are all from the original coconut trees in Mekong Delta, the best source of coconut in the world. Hamona Coconut choose to work with professional farmers who use natural method for taking care of the trees and coconuts

Naturally Care, Naturally Given

All general coconuts out there seem like having white and beautiful appearance. However, Hamona Coconut uses no chemical on coconut. We peel the surface fibre off, after putting the coconut for a while, it will gradually turn from white to reddish brown, this brown is the natural extract from coconut. This is the natural colour of coconut

Plug'N Play

Enjoy the natural and raw coconut with only a straw! We addressed the troublesome of drinking traditional coconut by inserting only one straw! 
Enjoy the coconut meat by using only a spoon to crack and open it up! Have fun!

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explore where the coconut is born

Hamona has inherited the sophisticated biotechnology achievement from a whole generation of leading scientists, along with hundreds of years of experience in farming coconuts, and benefited from the thousand-years unique natural prosperous environment in Mekong Delta area in Vietnam.

Enjoy your coconut crave now!

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