Hamona Coconut is now available online!

We are now delivering to Downtown Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Vaughan, Aurora and Stouffville. Expanding to other areas soon.

Story of Hamona Coconut

Coconuts! The Hamona Way

With Hamona, everything is for your convenience! You can take the coconut wherever you go and enjoy it whenever you want. So easy and simple to experience the very innate taste of one of the most nutritious fruit from Mother Nature.

Why We All Love Hamona?

The first thing that has prevented us from daily drinking a coconut is that it is difficult to open it. Hamona changes that. Hamona makes enjoying a coconut easier than drinking a Coke, and even much more than that.

Perfect For Daily Use

Discover how you can use Hamona daily, with ease and joy.

Getting the juice without making a mess!

After de-husking, there are ‘three eyes’ on every coconut and one of them is the ‘sprouting eye’ where coconut sprouts. Plug our straw into this ‘eye’ and enjoy the freshness from Mother Nature instantly! Simple as 1-2-3, even a kid can do it easily. One more thing, you can crack open hamona coconuts with a metal spoon from the bottom of it and eat the tasty and nutritious copra (meat) as snack or use it to cook some wonderful dishes with it!

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